How Does Otobende Work?

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    Service Selection

    Select the service you need through Otobende app.

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    Instant Pricing

    Instantly view the prices of the service. After your confirmation, have the mobile service team or valet/tow truck directed to your location.

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    Service Tracking

    Track your car's location and service stages through the app.

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    After the requested service is completed, your car will be delivered to you.

Advantages of Otobende

Time Saving
Service in Your Location
Door to Door Service
Real Time Tracking
Instant Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Periodic Maintenance?

It is a yearly process that involves the replacement of certain filters and engine oil to protect the mechanical health of cars. Each car make and model requires different inspections and recommended part replacements at specific mileages.

Why is Periodic Maintenance Important?

Periodic maintenance is critical to keep your car in optimal condition. Regular periodic maintenance reduces potential mechanical problems in future.

How often should Periodic Maintenance be performed?

It should be performed at least once a year.

What does Periodic Maintenance include?

Periodic maintenance covers engine oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, brake system inspection, headlight adjustment, tire inspection, battery inspection, front end inspection, engine maintenance and inspection.

What does Engine Oil Change include?

Change of engine oil supports regulation of engine temperature and prevents wear of mechanical parts due to friction.

What does Oil Filter replacement include?

Oil filter replacement includes the replacement of the engine oil filter located on the engine block.

What does Air Filter replacement include?

Air filter replacement includes the inspection and replacement of the air filter; where the air entering the intake of the engine.

What does Pollen Filter Replacement include?

Pollen filter replacement typically includes replacing the filter that helps ensure the proper and clean operation of the air conditioning system and ventilation, contributing to healthy air quality inside the vehicle.

What Does Fuel Filter Replacement Include?

Fuel filter replacement typically includes replacing the filter that is used to clean dirt and particles from the fuel, helping to ensure the proper functioning of the fuel system and preventing damage to the engine.

What does Battery Replacement Include?

Battery replacement includes the replacement of the battery that provides current to the starter motor for starting the car.

What Does Brake System Inspection Include?

Brake system inspection includes inspection of brake master cylinder, brake pads, brake fluid, and brake lines.

What are the recommended intervals for vehicle periodic maintenance?

Periodic maintenance intervals are different for each car. In general, cars should be maintained at 10 thousand km/ 15 thousand km and 20 thousand km intervals.

What is the cost of Periodic Maintenance?

You can download the Otobende Mobile app to view prices immediately.

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