How Does Otobende Work?

  • 1
    Service Selection

    Select the service you need through Otobende app.

  • 2
    Instant Pricing

    Instantly view the prices of the service. After your confirmation, have the mobile service team or valet/tow truck directed to your location.

  • 3
    Service Tracking

    Track your car's location and service stages through the app.

  • 4

    After the requested service is completed, your car will be delivered to you.

Advantages of Otobende

Time Saving
Service in Your Location
Door to Door Service
Real Time Tracking
Instant Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Emergency roadside asisstance is a service that drivers need when they are stranded.

How Can I Get Emergency Roadside Assistance?

By downloading Otobende Mobile app, you can instantly request Emergency Roadside Assistance at your location.

How Can I Get Tow Truck Assistance in Otobende Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Upon your call in all adverse events related to your car, our professional team ensures that your vehicle is taken from your location and quickly delivered to the nearest authorized Otobende service point.

In Which Cases Is the Emergency Roadside Assistance Utilized?

Emergency roadside assistance is utilized if the vehicle is involved in an accident or breaks down, or if the vehicle is stranded due to running out of fuel.

How Much does the Tow Truck Service Cost?

You can view the tow truck prices by downloading Otobende Mobile app.

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