What is Otobende?

    Otobende is a new generation automotive application that allows you to get the services you need for your car without leaving your comfort zone.

    In which areas does Otobende provide its service

    For now, Otobende is providing its services only in Istanbul.

    Which services can I get from Otobende?

    Through Otobende application, you can get periodic maintenance, troubleshooting and mechanical repair, body paint & dent repair, auto detailing, inspection, traffic insurance & comprehensive insurance, appraisal, exclusive mobile services and emergency road services.

    How can I download Otobende?

    You can download Otobende app to your mobile phone through App Store or Google Play Store.

    Does Otobende Require Membership?

    Otobende is a free app and you don’t need to pay any membership fee. To use our services, you just need to sign up.

    How can I pay in Otobende application?

    You can make your Otobende payments by credit card or bank transfer.

    Within which hours does Otobende provide its service?

    We respond to service requests instantly from 09:00 to 18:00.

    The app cannot find my location, what should I do?

    Don’t worry. While specifying a delivery address, you can manually select your location on the map.

    How is Body Paint Service Performed?

    Initially the metal surface of the car is cleaned. Then, the rusted, corroded and scratched parts are removed with certain products. Subsequently, primer and paste processes are performed. Finally, the painting process is performed and the body paint process is completed.

    What is Local Painting?

    Local paint is the process of painting a certain part of a component.

    What is the Price of Body Painting?

    Downloading the Otobende Mobile app and adding a picture of the body parts that require painting, you can instantly request a quotation.

    What is Dent Repair?

    Dent repair is the process of planishing the minor dents or burrs in cars by means of special equipment, without using paint.Planishing procedures are generally preferred for the repair of damages caused by impacts such as parking damages and hail damages.

    What is the Price of Dent Repair?

    Downloading the Otobende Mobile app and adding a picture of the body parts, you can instantly request a quotation.

    What is Traffic Insurance?

    Traffic insurance is a compulsory insurance that covers the cost of damage to the other party and third parties in case of an accident.

    What is the Procedure for Traffic Insurance?

    With the guidance of the Otobende Mobile application, you can make traffic insurance inquiry from a single screen and choose the offer of a company among various insurance companies.